Growers Group

Our community allotment project is about reducing our carbon footprint by growing our own food and sharing knowledge of how to do so.
We are a committed group of local growers working together on our community allotment, on land made available to us by Hadlow College, the outstanding land based college on our doorstep.
We meet on Saturday mornings, 9:30 onwards, come rain or shine. Visits other times by arrangement.
For more info contact Alison on 07850 809615.

We currently have a very active Growers group, which is working hard cultivating a piece of land made available to us by Hadlow Agricultural College.

We are always looking for new members to join our growers group, so do come along and see what we’re up to.

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February 2013
Here’s a copy of a typical worksheet, with tasks for the coming weeks

FEB 23 2013

January 2013
We are just emerging from the snow and frost to get ready for another growing season. More news and pictures to follow.

October 2012
Bake your Lawn

We also did join the ‘Bake you Lawn’ initiative organised by sustain, and grew, harvested and threshed some wheat, to then have it milled at Penshurst Farners Market at a special milling event organised by Claire from Pure Kent, a local arable farm in West Kent.

Wheat bed
Wheat bed
Threshed wheat
Threshed wheat

September 2012
Another harvest barbeque to celebrate our successful growing season.

growers barbie 2012 P1080392This trombetta is an example of the more exotic vegetables we like to try growing on our allotment. Another favourite of the group is mangelwurzel.

May 2011
New plantings are keeping everyone busy and the new greenhouse being erected. Here are a few photo impressions.

Spring 2011
Saturday 9 April there was a large group of us enjoying working in the sunshine on the allotment. The land is really coming on now, and we did more weeding, digging and sowing.

Last Friday (25 March) we hired the rotavator and Nicola and Steve took it in turns to rotavate as much of the plot as possible. This was all down the left hand side. It was more difficult than you would imagine, but they did a great job, so a big thank you to Nicola and Steve. The rest of us didn’t just stand around and watch, we were busy preparing the ground ahead of them trying to get rid of any perennial weeds so that these were not spread.

Last Saturday (26 March) planting started in earnest. Judith planted almost 50 gem lettuces that we got from David Carey. Siobhan and Steve sowed parsnip and carrots and Tom and I planted the first early (red Duke of York), second early (Wilja), and all the salad potatoes, (Charlotte and Julliette).

Saturday (19 March) a few of us got together to do some serious seed sowing. Let’s hope they’ll turn into healthy herbs and vegetables as well as lovely flowers.

This coming Saturday (2 April) the main crop potatoes need planting, onion sets and peas.

And then there was the edible hedge planting that took place earlier on 12 March.

Another working day at the allotment 25 Sept 2010
The weather held and we got a lot done today. Most impressive was the progress on the shed extension (!), but we also worked hard clearing weeds ready for the grass to go down soon. Also managed to get some broad beans planted.

View from the top of the shed extension

Potato harvesting day 18 Sept
We had perfect weather for a whole day of hard work on the allotment. It was hard work to dig up the last patch of potatoes from the clay soil, and quite heartbreaking to discover the extend of slug damage.

Apart from this the shed extension roof did start to take shape, with the main frame work being completed yesterday. Well done!

We had such a good day in the perfect autumn sunshine, that everyone stayed on until 6.00!

Our Harvest Barbeque on Saturday 4th of September:
We were very lucky with the weather and had a very enjoyable afternoon with all sorts of yummy food mostly prepared from our own produce grown on the allotment. Top of the list of ingredients were courgettes, but we also had potatoes, tomatoes, sweetcorn, beetroot, salad, herbs, raspberries as well as fruit from people’s gardens to make up a great feast.

Here are some images of this year’s growing season so far:

Here are some images of our allotment in it’s first year in 2009:

Surveying the site

First working party

The composter team

First plantings

Runner beans!

Just some of our produce

Our harvest barbeque

Harvest time!

Our offering at the church Harvest festival

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  1. annisveggies says:

    I have just found out that you have put a link to my blog (as someone has used it!). Thank you very much for doing so. Your various projects look great and it is really inspiring to see people getting together and working out new ways of doing things. All the best to you all! Anni Kelsey

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