*STOP PRESS* Oct 2010

We have just been granted money from the Grassroots Community Fund for food and community related projects and activities. More detailed news and announcements about this to follow.

Hadlow is a rural village in West Kent in the South-East of England and the parish includes the hamlet of Golden Green, a mile to the south.  In 2007 Hadlow was chosen by our local county council (KCC) to become one of four Low Carbon Communities in Kent.
We are a group of local people working together to raise awareness of Climate Change and the necessity for sustainable use of finite resources, working towards community-based solutions.

What we have been up to
Set up Hadlow Green Growers group and are growing fruit and vegetables on our community allotment on land made available to us by the local land-based Hadlow College. Follow this link for more info and updates on the group.
Raising awareness:
Attended various village events informing people about energy saving, Grow your Own, Eco crafts, etc
Environmental Art:
Finite? Art exhibition at Hadlow College and Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery, with community participation such as a sock weave and a RiverKnit, organised by local artist and member of HadLOW CARBON Community Julie Taylor.
We are organising a talk on Upgrading Listed Buildings in November.
We have been granted planning permission to install four bicycle stand planters in two locations in the centre of the village, and two of them will soon be installed near the public toilets, the other two to follow outside the chemist’s shop.


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