Seedy Sunday – 13 March 2016

We are organising our 4th Seed Swap at Tonbridge Farmers’ Market on Sunday 13th March, open 9:30am – 1:30 pm.
Everyone is encouraged to bring their own saved seeds to swap, but if don’t have any…
Come along anyway and donate 50p per packet and grow something different this year.

There’ll be a great selection of different and unusual varieties to tempt you into giving ‘Grow your own’ a go, now that Spring seems to be just around the corner.

Seed Swap poster 2016


The past three Seed Swaps have been a great success offering home-growers the chance to try new varieties of traditional, heritage or even “outlawed” fruit, vegetables and herbs, while supporting a vibrant local food growing culture.

If you have saved some seeds bring them along in labelled envelopes to swap. If you have no seeds to swap, there will be a great selection on the stall, just make a 50p donation per packet. For example, you could swap your own seeds for a Maureen, or a Cinderella, or why not try a Black Futsu or a Superschmelz, this season?

There are lots of good reasons to swap seeds: it’s FREE and you can greatly increase the number of different varieties you can enjoy, without spending a penny, and the seeds are likely to be well-suited to local growing conditions. Saving seeds also helps preserve genetic diversity and rare and heirloom varieties. “It’s inspiring to think that we can be directly involved in helping to protect seed biodiversity for future generations. There’s a great buzz, when you can meet up with other local growers and pick up tips and share knowledge or for those new to gardening, it’s a great opportunity to equip yourself with some seeds and the inside track on what to do with them.” says Julie Taylor – a member of the Hadlow Green Growers.

This year’s event is supported by Franchi, Seeds of Italy and Chase Organics who have both kindly donated seeds.

do's and don'ts - seed swap


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