Household Sustainability Workshop – 21 Oct 2-5pm

Sustainability in the home
The average person in the UK is responsible for 15 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO
2) emissions annually, made up approximately as follows:
Energy in the home – 2.5 te
Travel – 3.5 te
Food & drink – 3 te
Purchases – 3.5 te
Infrastructure and public services – 2.5 te.

However, the earth can only absorb around 2 to 2.5 tonnes per person per year at its current population level, and as the population inreases, this amount will fall even further. Failure to get these emissions down to a sustainable level will result in increasing temperatures, related weather anomalies and other consequences. Come along for this FREE afternoon workshop to find our what practical steps each of us can take to reduce our carbon footprint.

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