Seedy Sunday at Tonbridge Farmers Market – 8 March

HadLOW CARBON Community is organising our 3rd Seed Swap at Tonbridge Farmers’ Market on Sunday 8th March, open 9:30am – 1:30 pm.
People are encouraged to bring their own saved seeds to swap, but if don’t have any…
Come along anyway and donate 50p per packet and grow something different this year.

There’ll be a great selection of different and unusual varieties to tempt you into giving ‘Grow your own’ a go, especially if you have been inspired by the ‘Great Allotment Challenge’ currently showing on BBC2.

Seed Swap poster 2015 version 2Looking forward to seeing you there and finding out what you’re planning on growing this year!

do's and don'ts - seed swap

For more information visit some of the following website links:


For more information on the EU regulations concerning the saving of heirloom seeds, see these links:


Info on bringing back seeds from abroard can be found here:

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