Collective switching scheme to save money on energy bills

Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council is working with Energy Deal on a collective switching campaign. Grouping together offers a straightforward solution for residents to find out whether they can get a better deal and benefit by saving money on their home energy bills.
The more people who register, the more interested the suppliers are in gaining them as customers and so the better the deal they offer.
The scheme is open to all households using gas and electricity who pay monthly, quarterly or via a pre-payment meter. It’s free to register for the scheme, and residents are not obliged to switch energy supplier. Registration will require details of annual energy consumption, current tariff/supplier, (shown on fuel bill/annual energy statement), and method of payment.

Registration closes on 2 February
On 3 February 2015 energy suppliers are invited to compete with their best offer at an energy auction, (administered by iChoosr). Residents registered with Energy Deal will then be sent a personalised offer showing the winning tariff, which they can then decide whether they want to accept.

Since the Energy Deal scheme was launched in 2013, 3,315 households have registered, and 592 have switched supplier. In the first round, the annual average saving was £93, and the second round saw average savings of £190. The October auction saw a unique market leading tariff offered specifically for collective switching with an average saving of £221.
Registration for Energy Deal runs from 2 December 2014 to 2 February 2015. For more information, or to register online, please see Residents without internet access can call Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council on 01732 876395 to register to be part of the scheme.

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