Green Open Houses – Final call for entries

Final Call for entries by “Green Home” Owners!

Have you insulated your home, put solar panels on your roof, installed a smart meter or rainwater harvesting, or even built your own eco home? We are calling on owners of homes with innovative energy efficiency measures or renewable energy technologies to share their experiences in a “Green Open Homes” weekend.

Open homes are an excellent way to demonstrate the benefits of low-carbon features. Visitors can talk to the home-owners and gain a first-hand account of how the measures have reduced carbon emissions and saved money on energy and water bills.

Green Open Homes-Call up poster-final call Download your entry form: GreenOpenHomes – call for particpation v3
and join in this inspiring event!

The event is planned for one or two weekends in May this year and is being organised by HadLOW CARBON Community (HCC). They are looking for householders living within ten miles of Tonbridge who have made energy and environmental improvements and are willing to show their homes to other people who are thinking of doing something similar.

10miles Hadlow map

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