Cycling stands in Hadlow

Press release:
Hadlow village centre went doubly green on Sunday 30 January when local community members installed new planters that double up as bicycle stands.
Four bicycle stands were placed in the High Street and on the corner of Court Lane. The group behind the initiative, HadLOW CARBON Community, hopes that it will encourage people to leave their cars at home and opt for a more environmentally friendly means of transport for popping to the village shops.
“The idea is to raise awareness of cycling and help support local shops and businesses. There was nowhere in the village centre for people to leave their bicycles securely. They had to be propped up against shop windows or left on the pavement which could have been a hazard to pedestrians.
“The seasonal planting adds a splash of colour to make the village a more attractive place. We are also planning to include some colourful and interesting vegetable plants to promote local food growing.”
Various local shops have agreed to take care of watering the planters.
Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council granted planning consent for the bicycle stand planters in October 2010. The stands were purchased with help from a grant from Kent Community Foundation, and some of the flowers were kindly donated by Coblands Nurseries and Hadlow College Broadview Garden Centre.

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UPDATE: There has been a change of the installation date. This will now take place Sunday 30 January, 1.00 pm onwards.

We have been granted planning permission to install four bicycle stand planters in two locations in the centre of the village. The Plantlok cycling stands have been delivered, and two of them will be installed near the public toilets, the other two outside the chemist’s shop on Sunday 23 January, 1.00 onwards.
These will provide secure cycle parking for up to eight bicycles close to the village centre. Planting schemes are still being finalised, but will include herbs and insect friendly plants as well as the planting up of vegetable and fruit plants come spring.

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