Seedy Sunday – 13 March 2016

We are organising our 4th Seed Swap at Tonbridge Farmers’ Market on Sunday 13th March, open 9:30am – 1:30 pm.
Everyone is encouraged to bring their own saved seeds to swap, but if don’t have any…
Come along anyway and donate 50p per packet and grow something different this year.

There’ll be a great selection of different and unusual varieties to tempt you into giving ‘Grow your own’ a go, now that Spring seems to be just around the corner.

Seed Swap poster 2016


The past three Seed Swaps have been a great success offering home-growers the chance to try new varieties of traditional, heritage or even “outlawed” fruit, vegetables and herbs, while supporting a vibrant local food growing culture.

If you have saved some seeds bring them along in labelled envelopes to swap. If you have no seeds to swap, there will be a great selection on the stall, just make a 50p donation per packet. For example, you could swap your own seeds for a Maureen, or a Cinderella, or why not try a Black Futsu or a Superschmelz, this season?

There are lots of good reasons to swap seeds: it’s FREE and you can greatly increase the number of different varieties you can enjoy, without spending a penny, and the seeds are likely to be well-suited to local growing conditions. Saving seeds also helps preserve genetic diversity and rare and heirloom varieties. “It’s inspiring to think that we can be directly involved in helping to protect seed biodiversity for future generations. There’s a great buzz, when you can meet up with other local growers and pick up tips and share knowledge or for those new to gardening, it’s a great opportunity to equip yourself with some seeds and the inside track on what to do with them.” says Julie Taylor – a member of the Hadlow Green Growers.

This year’s event is supported by Franchi, Seeds of Italy and Chase Organics who have both kindly donated seeds.

do's and don'ts - seed swap


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Household Sustainability Workshop – 21 Oct 2-5pm

Sustainability in the home
The average person in the UK is responsible for 15 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO
2) emissions annually, made up approximately as follows:
Energy in the home – 2.5 te
Travel – 3.5 te
Food & drink – 3 te
Purchases – 3.5 te
Infrastructure and public services – 2.5 te.

However, the earth can only absorb around 2 to 2.5 tonnes per person per year at its current population level, and as the population inreases, this amount will fall even further. Failure to get these emissions down to a sustainable level will result in increasing temperatures, related weather anomalies and other consequences. Come along for this FREE afternoon workshop to find our what practical steps each of us can take to reduce our carbon footprint.

RRC Workshop Household sustainability 21.10.15-1_Page_1RRC Workshop Household sustainability 21.10.15-1_Page_2 RRC Workshop Household sustainability 21.10.15-1_Page_3





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Talk on Climate Change – 17 Sept

Public Talk on Climate Change by Asad Rehman
Thurs 17th September 2015 The Chequers Inn, Tonbridge at 7.30 p.m.
Asad Rehman attends all climate change negotiations on behalf of Friends of the Earth and will be talking about the United Nations Climate Change negotiations in Paris being held from 30th November to 11th December 2015 and what supportive actions can be undertaken locally in the run up to and beyond Paris.
Climate Change PosterFriends of the Earth invitation
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Supporting bees in our gardens

Concerned about the collapse of bee colonies?
Then read on about 5 simple steps to support pollinators in your garden:

Bee Info_Page_1Bee Info_Page_2Bee Info_Page_3Bee Info_Page_4Bee Info_Page_5


This information was compiled by a member of our group in support fo a recent Open Gardens event in Hadlow. We had made a series of ‘Bee-sticks’ highlighting bee-friendly plants in seven of the Open Gardens, by placing them in the borders or pots next to the most bee-friendly plants, to inspire visiting garden enthusaists to consider adding those plants to their gardens.


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FREE workshop Wed 1 July – Low Carbon Community Groups

FREE workshop Wed 1 July – Low Carbon Community Groups

RRC Workshop Low C communities new_Page_1 RRC Workshop Low C communities new_Page_2 RRC Workshop Low C communities new_Page_3

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Hadlow Open Gardens – 14 June

Open Gardens 2015 posterSome of the gardens will be highlighting bee-friendly plants in their garden, and our group will have a stall in the Old School Hall with information about bees, local honey for sale and a demonstration bee-hive to inspect.
We are highlighting the sharp decline in the bee populatoin, and what each of us can do to give our bees a helping hand. For more info visit this link:

Come and say hello whilst getting your info or refreshments there.

For in depth information about bumble bees go to

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Herbal health & healing workshop at Hadlow College

FREE workshop Wed 3 June exploring Herbal health & healing RRC Workshop herbal healingTo book a place go to
RRC Directions
RRC map

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